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In , a specimen shot in Sulawesi measured a jaw-dropping 10 m 32 ft 10 in. However, unlike Medusa, the unnamed animal was never kept alive in captivity.

During this time, Medusa will stay completely still for those passing by to get a full glimpse of her in her record-stretching glory. For those passing through the American Midwest, Medusa is surely a showstopping addition to any itinerary.

Considering the size of this incredible creature, we recommend slithering away yourself if the purring ever stops. The previous record holder was reticulated python Python reticulatus Fluffy.

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When measured on 30 September , she was found to be over 7. She was 18 years old and still 24 foot long. Check out a video of Fluffy below. We use cookies on this website.

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By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. Longest snake in captivity ever. Now, archaeologists and historians have to rethink what they know about Mayan culture.

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Previously, the Mayan population was calculated at roughly 5 million people. In fact, the archaeologists say that, around A.

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The discovery makes me want to grab my fedora and enlist as an intern to help explore these sites—a task that may take a whole century, according to archaeologist Francisco Estrada-Belli from Tulane University. Events Innovation Festival The Grill.

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    City of Serpents City of Serpents
    City of Serpents City of Serpents
    City of Serpents City of Serpents
    City of Serpents City of Serpents
    City of Serpents City of Serpents
    City of Serpents City of Serpents
    City of Serpents City of Serpents

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