Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition)

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Lausaunne, SPES, The descriptions of the torment endured by the injured as they face rejection by their loved ones is harrowing in the extreme. Riemann H. Schwester der Vierten Armee. Ein Kriegstagebuch. Sister in the Fourth Army: a diary. An American crusader at Verdun. My fourteen months at the front: an American's baptism of fire. Roger N.. Paris, Attinger, Rorie D. A Medico's Luck in the War. Rote NF. Lewisburg , Pa , Privately printed, She died of liver failure as the result of chloroform poisoning, following surgery. This account contains a great wealth of detail about medical conditions at the front and many illustrations, including a photograph of her funeral.

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About Christoph Hardebusch. Christoph Hardebusch. These publications have thus far eluded my search, but a book under the latter title was published at Mauch Chunk, Clothing store, drugstore, doctor, drygoods, furniture store, hotel and lawyer are the subjects of the succeeding conversations. A brief history of the dialect literature up to that time follows, with illustrative examples, including the author's own Shakespeare translations, a translation of Luke XV, of Matthew, VII, , and of The Lord's Prayer.

A chapter illustrating Professor Witmer's ideas on spelling reform and a few recent Pit Schweffelbrenner letters con- clude the volume. Rauch referred slightingly, p. Zimmer- man's Pennsylvania-German work, and Zimmerman in his turn published a merciless review of his critic's book in the Reading Times and Dispatch; Rauch's controversy with those who did not spell as he did was perennial, and Zim- merman continued to pile up evidence of Rauch contra- dicting Rauch in spelling, until all eastern Pennsylvania was convulsed.

Rauch strove in letters to all the papers that reprinted Zimmerman's review to defend himself, and as Zimmerman was content with his first article, the Pennsylvania-German Dialect Writings. Rauch's contention was, that inasmuch as English was the language that Penn- sylvania Germans studied in the schools, and that inas- much as they and not people trained in German were ex- pected to read Pennsylvania German, it ought to be spelled according to the rules of English orthography.

Profes- sor Haldeman once wrote him, saying that in order to read what Rauch wrote, a German had first to learn to read English, to which Rauch replied, "very true"; that that was what Pennsylvania Germans did in the schools, where- as if they wanted to read what some others wrote, then Pennsylvania Germans would first have to learn High German. Since many disagreed with Rauch, not only on this point but also on the propriety of calling the dialect Pennsyl- vania Dutch, he proposed at one time that those who spelled after the German fashion should be styled Penn- sylvania German and those who used the English orthog- raphy should follow him and call themselves Pennsyl- vania Dutch.

This initial controversy as to how the dialect should be spelled involved constantly widening circles among the Pennsylvania Germans, nor was it con- fined wholly to them; Karl Knortz, a German, has made his contribution, as well as a writer in the London Satur- day Globe.

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The latter, while conceding that Rauch was a very popular writer and the author of a Dictionary, dis- approves nevertheless of his " Phonography," which he characterizes as a very inaccurate and misleading method of spelling one language according to the standard of an- other. The last word in the controversy, at least from the scien- tific point of view, will be the publication of the Dictionary by Professors Learned and Fogel, who are using a good 84 The Pennsylvania-German Society.

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Rauch's apparent coldness to Zimmerman in this book seems strange in view of his tone towards him two years before. Zimmerman es ardlich ferdeihenkert goot gadu hut. Des explained now olles wo oil de fiela sorta shpeelsauch un tsucker sauch her cooma. Now whil der Z- so bully goot is om shticker shreiwa set er sich aw draw macha for 'n New Yohr's leedly. Another form of activity in which this busy man en- gaged is indicated by the following notices culled from the columns of The Pennsylvania Dutchman.

This lecture he frequently repeated before other audiences, and notably Pennsylvania-German Dialect Writings.

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The discourse is in part reprinted in one of the early volumes of the Proceedings of that organi- zation. Finally, in , Rauch published a Pennsylvania- Dutch Rip Van Winkle; a romantic drama in two acts, translated from the original with variations. In the ap- pendix to this essay I give the characters of the play, the costumery as prescribed by the author and an outline of the skit. Home writes of it in Matthews and Hunger- ford's "History of Carbon and Lehigh Counties": " Rauch's Dutch Rip Van Winkle is a very happy transla- tion and dramatization of Irving's story, the scene being changed from the Catskill to the Blue Mountains to give it a locale in keeping with the language in which it is ren- dered.

In Scene III of the Sec- ond Act, when Rip returns to the town of his nativity, a town no more but a populous settlement, George III no longer swinging on the tavern sign, but George Washing- ton instead, he also sees the harbor filled with ships! But perhaps he meant the harbor of Mauch Chunk on the Lehigh River!

The dramolet is well adapted to local townhalls where it was intended to be and was performed.

It is boisterous and tumultuous, but we do not expect anything altogether refined in the home of the old sot Rip, nor in a play which, as far as the First Act is concerned, might well be con- strued as a horrible example to illustrate a temperance lecture. The language of the romantic parts, of Rip's dealing with the spirits of the mountains, is interesting as an illus- 86 The Pennsylvania-German Society.

One more word about his influence: Kuhns calls him the Nestor of all those who have tried their hand at com- position in the dialect, and of his influence on subsequent writers there can be no doubt. Sometimes the acknowl- edgment comes incidentally, as when a writer in the Spirit of Berks, speaking of Zimmerman's poetry, says " Er kann em Pit Schweffelbrenner die Auge zu schreiwe," but quickly adds : " Wanns awer ans Breefa schreiwe geht dann is der Schweffelbrenner als noch der Bully Kerl.

Pennsylvania Dutchman, Vol. Prospectus : Der Pennsylvania Dutchman is net yuscht intend for laecherlich un popular lehsa shtuff for oily de unser Pennsylvanisch Deitsch — de mixture fun Deitsch un English — ferstehn, awer aw for use- fully un profitlichy instruction for oily de druf ous sin bekannt tsu waerra mit der sproch, un aw mit em geisht, character un hond- lungs fun unserm fleisicha, ehrlicha un tsahlreicha folk in all de Middle un Westliche Shtaate.

Un weil unser Pennsylvanisch Deitsch sproch iwerall bekonnt is alls Pennsylvania Dutch wun's shun wohr is das es Deitsh is, un net Dutch odder Hollendish — awer an g'mix fun Deitsh un English, sin mer g'satisfied dos mer net besser du kenna dos fore 's public tsu gae unner 'em plaina title wo mer select hen. Un wann mer considera was waerklich der allgemeina character fun de Pennsylvania Deitsha is, donn feela mer dos mer specially gooty reason hen shtoltz tsu sei dos mer selwer tsu dem same folk g'hehra, un das mer mit recht de hoff- nung hen ehra getreier diener tsu sei in unser neie editorial aerwet de fore uns is.

Es is unser obsicht freind tsu treata mit a liberal supply fun neia articles, shtories, breefa, poetry, etc. Mer hen aw im sin iwersetzung tsu gevva fun kortzy shticker, un mer hen aw an Pennsylvania Deitsh Dictionary aw g'fonga wo mer expecta tsu drucke in buch form. Awer um die yetziche publication recht interesting tsu mache hen mer conclude aw tsu fonga, un in yeder nummer an dehl fum Dictionary tsu publisha.

Awer es is yusht an awfong.

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Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition)

Mer assura aw all unser freind dos gor nix ersheina soil in dem publication dos net entirely frei is fun indecency, odder im ger- ingshta unmorawlish sei konn. Ea copy, ea yohr. Ehntzelly copies 20 c, un sin tsu ferkawfa bei oily News Dealers. Rauch, Lancaster, Pa.

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Page 2. A Bright Star Quenched. Under this caption the Phila. Press of Nov. One of the rarest characters in history is suddenly dropped from the ranks of men.

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An Heller Shtam Ousgonga. Unner dem heading finna mer in der Phila. Press fum 30th Nov. Forney seiner fedder fun weaga 'm Horace Greeley seim doht, fun wellam mer a paar lines copya: Ehns fun de rahrste char- acters in unser g'schicht is uf amohl gedropt fun mensha ranks. Familiar Sayings. I wish you a Happy New Year. What business are you driv- ing now? The Assembly will meet in a few days. A good man is kinder to his enemy than a bad man to his friend.

Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition) Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition)
Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition) Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition)
Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition) Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition)
Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition) Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition)
Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition) Der Krieg der Trolle (4): Roman (Trolle-Saga) (German Edition)

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