Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy)

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Emphasizes moral philosophy during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as contemporary commentary. Offered: jointly with PHIL Emphasizes moral philosophy during the twentieth century, as well as contemporary commentary. Explores issues using the literature of bioethics and philosophy, contemporary film, works of fiction, and conversations with health professionals. Students learn philosophical methods of analysis and argument, and debate different sides of ethical issues. Focuses on the nature of medical knowledge, the connection between theory and observation, the meaning of medical concepts, and the relationship between theories and the world.

FULLERTON Introduces students to select biotechnology innovations and invites consideration of the ethical and policy implications surrounding their development and potential use. Offered: W. Explores basic questions integral to determinations of social injustice as well as moral constraints on the pursuit of health equity. Addresses the ethical debates that arise in the context of planning, implementing, and disseminating research.

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Emphasizes the fundamental principles of justice that support alternative health policies. Our emphasis is on developing a deeper understanding of the cultural assumptions that lie just beneath the surface of bioethics debates. Readings from contemporary philosophy, film and literature. Recommended: Prior course work in ethics, philosophy, or global health. Offered: jointly with G H ; Sp, odd years. B H Ethical Theory 5 Jecker Studies the major normative ethical theories, including both teleological and deontological approaches.

Offered: A. B H The Humanities in Medicine 2 Mark Tonelli The humanities offer important perspectives on the nature and practice of clinical medicine. Focuses on the intersection of multiple disciplines in the humanities and medicine. Examines medicine through different lenses. B H P-Ethical Responsibilities of Medical Practice 2 Dudzinski, McCormick Provides intensive and practical guidance about management of principal ethical and legal problems that arise in clinical practice: informed consent, confidentiality, decisions regarding life-support, advance directives and surrogate decision-makers, duty to care for indigent and risky patients.

One week intensive course. Offered: S.

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B H Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues in Public Health Genetics 3 Equips the student to anticipate and assess potential legal, ethical, and social barriers complicating the incursion of new genetic advances, information, and technologies into public and private healthcare delivery efforts. B H Spirituality in Healthcare 2 Examination of the beliefs, values, meaning, and spirituality of health professionals for the well-being of their patients as well as for themselves.

BOWEN Introduces students to research methods in bioethics, ranging from qualitative to quantitative: interviews, focus groups, surveys, and experimental and observational designs. Anonymous Outfoxed: Preventing Rabies Belgium. The Economist December 21, , , Berlan, J.

Emerging biotechnologies - The Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Friedland, L. Busch, F. Buttel and A. Brochier, B. Nature , , —2. Comstock, G. Agriculture and Human Values , 5 3 ,36— CrossRef Google Scholar. Washington, DC, January. Hansen, M. Johnson, G.

The Perilous Ethics of Biotechnology

Baumgardt and M. Kalter, R. Issues in Science and Technology , 2 — Kroger, M. It concerns all activities funded in Horizon and includes the Ethics Review Procedure, which is conducted before the start of the project, as well as the Ethics Checks and Audits. When preparing a proposal, it is required to conduct an Ethics Self-assessment starting with the completion of an Ethics Issues Table.

All proposals above threshold and considered for funding will undergo an Ethics Review carried out by independent ethics experts working in a panel. The Review starts with an Ethics Screening and if appropriate a further analysis called the Ethics Assessment is conducted. The Ethics Review can lead to ethics requirements that become contractual obligations.

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The Ethics Review Procedure focusses on the compliance with ethical rules and standards, relevant European legislation, international conventions and declarations, national authorizations and ethics approvals, proportionality of the research methods and the applicants' awareness of the ethical aspects and social impact of the planned research.

The first phase of the Ethics Review Procedure, the Ethics Screening, is carried out during the scientific evaluation or soon after. The objective of the pre-screening is to list the potential ethical issues but not to assess them. When there is at least one confirmed ethical issues, the proposal is subject to a complete Ethics Screening.

Biotechnology policy: four ethical problems and three political solutions

Whenever necessary, the experts will formulate requirements and notably identify all proposals that require ethical approval at the national level e. Because of the complexity or the nature of the ethical issues they at stake e. For a limited number of proposals e. The Ethics Assessment is a more in-depth analysis of the ethical issues of the proposals, taking into account, when available the conclusions of the Ethics screening.

As mentioned above, it is systematically performed on all proposals involving the use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Pocket K No. 18: Ethics and Agricultural Biotechnology

During the Ethics Screening or the Ethics Assessment, the experts identify the projects that need an Ethics Check, which are executed during the course of the research project. The procedure can also be initiated by the Commission services. The Ethics Check is conducted on the basis of the information provided by the concerned beneficiaries, who may be invited to a meeting in Brussels to discuss the issues at stake. On site visits can also be organised. In case of substantial breach of ethical principles, research integrity or relevant legislation, the Commission can carry out an Ethics Audit following the provisions and procedures laid down in the grant agreement.

The Checks and Audits can result in an amendment of the grant agreement. In severe cases, it can lead, upon the decision of the Commission services to a reduction of the grant, its termination or any other appropriate measures, in accordance with the provisions of the grant agreement. In the work programme 'Science with and for Society', one of the ethics topics, aims at promoting research integrity.

Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy) Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy)
Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy) Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy)
Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy) Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy)
Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy) Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy)
Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy) Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy)
Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy) Ethics & Biotechnology (Social Ethics & Policy)

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