Healthier Choices for any Divorce

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Have you refinanced or been refinanced off the mortgage as agreed? Insurance What do I do if my ex is still the beneficiary on my life insurance or retirement accounts? How do I make the settlement I received stretch as far as possible? Forensic CPA. CPA Do you understand your situation? Do joint assets impact my taxes differently? Should I file married or separately? CPA Do I claim my children on my taxes if my spouse moved out? What is my tax status? If my spouse stops making estimated tax payments am I liable?

CPA How will my taxes change? Do I save on taxes if I just use retirement accounts? Will child support increase my taxes?

CPA Will my legal fee be tax deductible? What will my tax implications be? Will my spousal support be taxable? Do I need to make tax payments? Who claims the dependency exemption? Divorce Attorney. Psychologist What has prompted your decision to reconcile? What do you see as the greatest challenges ahead? Psychologist What do you hope he separation will achieve? Psychologist What resources do you have to assist you through the divorce process? Psychologist What would you consider to be the best case outcome for the divorce process?

Are there areas in which you feel overwhelmed or ill-equipped to manage? Psychologist How has life changed for you since the divorce? What new or ongoing challenges are you facing following divorce? What are your goals, plans, hopes, moving forward?

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How do I do that? What is a post-nuptial agreement? CDFA Who pays the bills during separation? What does status-quo mean? Will I receive alimony? Can I keep the house? What happens to our retirement assets? How do I prepare for mediation? How do I make my settlement last? What is QDRO? Family Counselor. Mediator How will we share time with the kids? How will we share expenses with the kids?

Medical Divorce Is a Grim Reality for Couples With Expensive Illnesses | Observer

How will we coordinate payment of certain bills during this time? Mediator Do you know what information a court will expect from you both? Have you taken a class to get informed about the legal process of divorce? Do you know how to use legal council wisely and in a cost effective way?

Why are breakups so painful?

Mediator Did you know that most Georgia courts will order you to participate in mediation before getting to trial? Therapist What is your commitment to this process? What makes you a good prospect for working things out? If there have been affairs are they completely over? Therapist What needs to happen for you to be interested in reconciling? What has stopped you from going forward with divorce?

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Therapist What have you tried at this point to mend your marriage? Therapist If there are children: Are you keeping children out of the divorce? Therapist Have you taken time to learn from your divorce and to heal before getting involved in another relationship? Discernment Counselor. Life Coach. Career Coach Are finances putting a strain on my marriage?

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Will a better job mean a better marriage? Will more money improve my marriage? Career Coach How do I know my career options? Do I need a new job?

8 Healthy Ways to Deal with the Stress of Divorce

How do I get a better job? Career Coach Do I need a job with benefits? How do I get my career coaching covered in my settlement? Career Coach I need to make more money. How can I afford a career coach? Based on my background which career options would pay the most?

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Career Coach How do I reenter the workforce? What kind of companies would hire and give me a chance? Parenting Coach. Money Coach. Contact professional. Log in Username or E-mail. Some people may think a healthy divorce means communicating effectively and productively with their ex, while others maintain very separate lives and speak only when necessary. While getting along with your former spouse is possible after a divorce, it won't happen overnight, Bayless warned. As people heal, a friendship may or may not be possible in the years to come.

Healthy Divorce: Powerful Tools for children of divorce

To this day they are now 13 and almost 16 I still make them a lunch every morning and although I am constantly peppered with requests for the drive-thru, I stay strong and insist on them eating something we have at home that bears my stamp of approval.

Healthier Choices for any Divorce Healthier Choices for any Divorce
Healthier Choices for any Divorce Healthier Choices for any Divorce
Healthier Choices for any Divorce Healthier Choices for any Divorce
Healthier Choices for any Divorce Healthier Choices for any Divorce
Healthier Choices for any Divorce Healthier Choices for any Divorce
Healthier Choices for any Divorce Healthier Choices for any Divorce
Healthier Choices for any Divorce Healthier Choices for any Divorce

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