Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition)

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VI, p. IX, chap. Introduction, traduction et commentaire R.

Laforgue, Beauvoir, and the Second Sex: Dix-Neuf: Vol 20, No 1

Gauthier et J. Voir aussi p. Voir en tout cas L. Haut de page. They had used flyers to call for resistance against the Nazis. This has always motivated me to carry on their dream, dear friends. And I am sure they would be proud of what has been achieved during the last decades, a Europe of peace and freedom.

And the task of my generation now is to build up a real democratic Europe, but the future is in the hands of the people of this continent, a true parliamentary democracy for Europe. Let us begin. In these days where the enemies of Europe, those who would like to fight the European project, shout out their hate, and in these days where fake news is governing whole countries, we need to certify and to reconfirm that we need this united Europe and we need a strong Europe.

Somebody like you, President Macron, having dedicated his own faith to his commitment on Europe, is very warmly welcomed in this House. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your pro-European stance.

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We need that and we would like to see more leaders doing the same. Just look at the slaughtering in Syria and what happened over the weekend. But, please, this is a real case for a unified Europe. This is a real case for strengthening the European institutions.

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So please work in that direction. More is needed than the action of Member States. Look at the Facebook scandal. Look at the situation in Europe and world-wide. Data protection is at the top of the agenda today. But, just as we need European institutions to strengthen our foreign policy, we need European legislation. Facebook needs European legislation. Facebook urgently needs the Community method and our group, the Socialists and Democrats, proudly lead on e—privacy and on general data protection. Please support us in the Council. And now, forgive me, when I start to talk about the relationship between Paris and Berlin, I feel tempted to switch to my native tongue.

Wer ist Ihr Partner? Es ist richtig, dass wir die Beethoven-Hymne singen — die Europahymne. Aber es reicht nicht, rote Teppiche abzuschreiten und die Hymne zu singen. Also wieder die Frage: Mit wem wollen Sie arbeiten? Sie haben schwere Tage vor sich. Welche Geschichte lernen wir? Es ist nicht die Zwischenstaatlichkeit. Warum blockieren wir die Finanztransaktionssteuer, wenn es um Gerechtigkeit geht? Ich habe Fragezeichen.

Aber das muss dann Wirklichkeit werden in unserer gemeinsamen konkreten Politik. The European Conservatives and Reformists ECR Group welcomes a leader with a bold vision and a desire to shake things up, for too many national politicians praise the idea of ever-closer union when in Brussels or in Strasbourg, but when they return home their support for the European project of further political integration becomes a barely audible whisper.

Whilst we share your commitment to strong transatlantic relations, cutting red tape to help businesses create jobs, and the need for closer security cooperation, your vision of a European Union with a bigger budget, harmonised corporate taxes, unified social policy, a common asylum system and a European Minister for Finance may be the right vision for France, but the ECR Group feels it is not the right vision for all Member States.

While there will be many in this Chamber who see you as a saviour of the European project of political integration, many outside this Chamber do not want to see an EU dominated by just one or two large Member States. But rather than sleepwalking — to use your phrase — towards your goal, it should be presented to voters across the EU, with an honest disclaimer, in large letters, bold and underlined, that Member States will become less and less sovereign as the EU becomes more and more sovereign, as you wish to see. All politicians need to be careful. The growing dissatisfaction amongst voters has not been because the EU has too little power, but because it has too much.

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Despite this power, it has failed to secure the greater stability and prosperity that was promised. Countries signed up for cooperation in key areas of mutual interest with their EU neighbours, not to see more and more decisions made in one city on the other side of the continent. Mr Macron, we understand why you are seeking to regain the initiative. My Group agrees that the European Union has drifted for far too long, but by returning to the s agenda of political integration you may be in danger of ignoring those who want the EU to face the challenges of the s, not the s.

That is why the ECR Group believes that the EU should facilitate nations to cooperate where necessary, but return powers to Member States and local communities in areas such as immigration and social policy. But when countries do agree that an EU solution is the best solution, all countries should stick to the rules and not pick and choose, as we saw with the Stability and Growth Pact or with the Dublin Regulation on asylum. The ECR Group believes that common sense and proportionate regulation, rather than more political integration, will allow businesses, farmers, fishermen and entrepreneurs to compete in global markets, but we also ask for more honesty.

We ask that richer eurozone governments be honest with their voters that their taxes will be transferred to the budgets of poorer eurozone countries, possibly forever, for that is the way that currency and sustainable currency unions work. Like your movement, Mr Macron, the ECR was established to offer an alternative to the longstanding and stale political establishment in the EU.

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We have appreciated your honesty about your ambitions here today. We will continue to oppose calls for ever more political integration, but where there is common ground the ECR Group hopes to work with you to shape a reformed European Union which respects all Member States and their citizens. Let me just end on a more personal note. As our two nations, the UK and France, work together with the US in Syria, supported by our European and international partners, can I thank you for your cooperation and hope that our countries will continue to act as partners where it is in our interests to face global challenges together.

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Or, pour le moment, on ne fait strictement rien. Il nous faut beaucoup plus! Ma fille faisait partie de ce groupe.

see url Vous dites vouloir la taxe carbone, la fin du glyphosate, la fin des voitures diesel, bravo! Mais, rassurez-vous, vous restez le chouchou de la Commission. Nicolas Bay, au nom du groupe ENF. Aymeric Chauprade NI. Si vous voulez, vous pouvez prendre la parole tout de suite. Ce sujet, et vous avez raison de rappeler les chiffres de M. Allons au bout de la logique! Je vous le dis franchement. In terms of defence and security, France and the United Kingdom have been the closest and longest-standing of allies for over a hundred years.

Do you not think that in the economic and other fields it would be helpful if France could more strongly signal its support for the EU to have as close a partnership with the UK as possible post-Brexit, recognising that this will require novel arrangements? Tack, president Macron! Franck Proust PPE. Panie Prezydencie! Witamy serdecznie. Salvatore Cicu PPE.

Citizens yearn for the language of solidarity, commitment to cohesion, for inclusive rhetoric that is appropriate for an evolving political union. I think you echoed those words. But we evolved through disagreement, and we will be judged by how we solve our disagreements.

Those who believe that they possess merit persuade themselves that they are honored by being unhappy, in order to convince others and themselves that they are worthy of being the victims of fate. Nothing should lessen our self-satisfaction more than the realization that we disapprove at one time of that which we approve at another.

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Whatever difference might appear in our fortunes, there is nevertheless a certain balance of good and ill that makes them equal. Whatever great advanrtages that nature might provide, is it not she alone, but fortune also that makes heros. Philosophers' contempt for riches was a hidden desire for revenge of their merit upon the injustice of Fortune by scorning those goods which she had deprived them of; it was a private method of guarding themselves against the disgrace of poverty, a devious road to arrive at the distinction which they could not procure by riches.

La haine pour les favoris n'est autre chose que l'amour de la faveur. Hatred of favored people is nothing else than a love of favor. The resentment of not possessing favor is consoled and softened by showing contempt for those who do possess it, and we refuse to honor them because we cannot depive them of what attracts everyone else. In order to succeed in the world, we have to do all we can to appear successful. Quoique les hommes se flattent de leurs grandes actions, elles ne sont pas souvent les effets d'un grand dessein, mais des effets du hasard.

However men pride themselves on their great acomplishments, such acts are often not the result of design, but of pure chance. It seems as though our acts have lucky or unlucky stars from which our deeds derive a great deal of the praise or blame they are accorded. There is no misfofrtune so terrible that clever people cannot profit from, nor fortune so good that foolish people cannot harm themselves. Fortune turns everything to the advantage to those she favors. People's happiness and misery both depend on their dispositions no less than on their fortunes. On la trouve en fort peu de gens; et celle que l'on voit d'ordinaire n'est qu'une fine dissimulation pour attirer la confiance des autres.

Sincerity is openness of heart, and we find it in very few people.

Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition) Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition)
Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition) Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition)
Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition) Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition)
Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition) Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition)
Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition) Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition)
Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition) Lamitié (Petite philosophie des grandes idées) (French Edition)

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