Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)

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For years he was a librarian in Provence and in Paris. In he moved to Paris, which remained his center after several years of traveling throughout Europe.

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During the Resistance, he was in Roussillon. He wrote most of his works in French, his adopted language; he possessed a perfect ear for both English and French and was a well-known translator.

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Despite many arguments that would divide and change the movement over the years, Breton remained, until his death, in the vanguard of the most talented and gifted writers of his time. Long after Surrealist thought had been eclipsed by the rising popularity of Jean-Paul Sartre and existentialism in the s, Breton remained true to the original conception of the tenets of the movement, frequently citing Rimbaud and Marx, who espoused the notion of changing humankind and the world by freeing the human spirit from the bounds of reason.

Born in northern France, Breton studied medicine and worked in psychiatric hospitals during World War I. Through his studies he discovered Freud. He was attracted initially to the Dadaists; Surrealism, however, enabled him to approach more directly human desire and the unconscious. With his wife, Jacqueline Lamba, and their daughter, Aube, he went into exile in New York during World War II, returning after the war to a greatly changed Paris and the accusation of the irrelevance of Surrealist thinking and writing in the new climate.

He nonetheless continued to assemble around him in Paris and in the Lot, at SaintCirq-la Popie, a group of enthusiastic followers. The Mystery Corset My lovely readers, by seeing in all colors Splendid postcards, with lighting effects, Venice part 2. I hold Paris like — to unveil the future for you — your open hand with a waist tightly bound. Subversive, provocative, and in many ways ahead of its time, her work was exhibited with that of the Surrealists in Paris. Born in Nantes, she moved to Paris in and remained there until During the Paris years, she and her lover, Suzanne Malherbe known as Moore , participated in all the literary gatherings of the time.

Cahun and Malherbe were arrested by the Gestapo in and sentenced to death. Eventually released, Cahun was unable to rejoin the Surrealists in Paris because of illness and instead returned to Jersey, where many of her photographs and archives had been destroyed by the Nazis. Sadistic Judith Who Was Judith She had made atop her house a secret room where she remained closed in. And with a hair shirt over her body, she fasted every day of her life, except for the Sabbath. And your military discipline is praised in all countries. After making love to his slave he furtively wipes his lips.

On the nights of love, his boots spot the purple in which he wallows, symbolically dyed with the red venom of his poisons, and from top to bottom, the dust or the mud of the paths or worse trail across it, depending on the season. But at cockcry, he takes a bath, sends the girl away — and has the sheets changed the silk, the blood coagulated on them. But I have seen him, while his victorious army was parading before our closed doors, for having silently slit the throat of my dog, whose excitement bothered me , I could see through the keyhole: I love them because I recognize in them the distinctive, odious traits of the enemy race.

La vie serait donc si propre, plus propre que la mort? I kneel down he is living! I hold him under my arm clasped to my side — oh caress of his nascent feathers! So life is that clean, cleaner than death? Nothing has been accomplished; I was thinking that.

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Have I really been a criminal from childhood, condemned to destroy everything I love? Watch out for this mouth, this nape, these ears — for everything that can be bitten, torn, sucked until your foreign blood is exhausted — delicious. I would still love you, I would have perished happy. I want you to be the victor and you left yourself be conquered! Why did I vanquish him?

Have I then stopped loving you, Holofernes? Why do we eat? Those have nothing to fear, for they strike me with horror. Countryland, prison of the soul! Imprisoned, at least I knew how to see the bars, and even between the bars. Who allowed you to penetrate my private life! Le gris est le cendrier du soleil. The joy of a crowd has a thousand mouths — and no ears. His work went far beyond the wordplay, metaphor, and free associations of Surrealism to a sensuous examination of the possible connections between elements in nature, humans and nature, mind and body.

De Chazal was schooled in engineering and wrote in French rather than English, though his writing remained true to the exotic land of his youth. Plastic Sense The idiot bleats with his gaze.

Ces femmes qui m'inspirent dans la littérature

Spices set the tongue fox-trotting and the palate waltzing. Grey is the ashtray of the sun. Flashing are the hips of the sun; and gleaming are its breasts. La voix humaine est le midi des sons. Le nez est tout dos: Le regard humain est un phare qui navigue. Le brouillard arrondit les sons.

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  7. Toutes les voix dans le brouillard prennent un ton gai. Le bleu est le summum du propre. The human voice is the noon of sounds.

    The nose is all back: The nose only takes on a real face when someone is laughing.

    Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)
    Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)
    Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)
    Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)
    Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)
    Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)
    Lionel Ray: Lintarissable beauté de léphémère (Critiques Littéraires) (French Edition)

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