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Muerte Con Carne

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    Customer Reviews

    For whatever reason, I didn't start this book until last week when Jack Bantry blogged a list of his Top 10 favorite Splatterpunk books. This story was great. It definitely has its gory, harder edges, but I was surprised by how I was drawn to the main characters, Marta and Felix.

    McKenzie does a fantastic job setting this story up. Hell, there wasn't too much going on horror-wise in the first half of the book, but I knew it was coming, and I was at the edge of my seat just waiting for the death meat to hit the fan. El Gigante was a wonderful surprise, as well. Yes, he's still a murdering psycho, but he really can't help it. McKenzie held back when he could have let loose from the start.

    That kind of restraint is amazing. I think he got a better book from doing so.

    Blair's salsa de la muerte

    So yummy. Lucha Libre mask collections, Marta with a cause, El Gigante looking for love, and newborn baby bungee fun!! A gross out fest with characters that have zero redeeming qualities who run across a family of characters with even less redeeming qualities outside of making the best menudo on the planet. I was hoping everyone would die in this one. You will need to be in the mood for this one. I liked it. Tastes like chicken. Jun 11, FabulousRaye rated it liked it Shelves: bizarro-brigade , own-it , ebooks , needs-a-review , Two things straight off: 1.

    She would've been able to stomach this ultra-hot, spicy meal. It's all going to sound bad.

    The plot isn't terribly new. You know cannibalistic, incest practicing family, and mysteriously acquired super delicious meat. What is new is that it takes place in Mexico and features a monstrously huge wrestler, a terrifying ri Two things straight off: 1. What is new is that it takes place in Mexico and features a monstrously huge wrestler, a terrifying ring, and horrible consequences when people lose the match.

    You can get guess what happens with Marta, and Felix, can't you? There is quite a bit of rather visceral descriptions, and gross scenes. I admit to cringing a lot during parts. It was seriously hard for me to finish. A small complaint is that I didn't like any of the characters. So, when something horrible happened to them, I didn't feel bad. View all 3 comments. Apr 07, Marvin rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror , autographed. If I'm going to review Muerte con Carne by horror writer Shane McKenzie, I'm going to have to start by offering some major disclaimers The Aztec Mummy back when I was a kid.

    You could say that it i If I'm going to review Muerte con Carne by horror writer Shane McKenzie, I'm going to have to start by offering some major disclaimers You could say that it is one of my many guilty pleasures.


    So any book that features a masked wrestler is certainly going to get my attention. How can you not like a writer who tries to look all Ernest Hemingway macho while wearing a pink princess back pack.? But with all those disclaimers, I can honestly state that Muerte con Carne is a edge-of-your-seat riot, steeped in the literary tradition of Jack Ketchum's Off Season , drenched in the scares and gore of movie influences like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , and permeated with the odors of human flesh tacos.

    See a Problem?

    The novel is set on the border of the United States and Mexico. A family is regularly kidnapping people who are attempting to come into the United States illegally and, when they are taken to the abductors' home, are pitted against a huge wrestler named El Gigante who mangles and slaughters them. The corpses are then cut up and eaten by the family who then takes the left-overs and uses them in tacos which are sold on the street.

    Tastes just like chicken! In the first chapter we are introduced to this family who are the most grotesque bunch of monsters since the Westboro Baptist Church. At least the WBC aren't cannibals Enter Felix and Marta who have arrived in a small border town to make a documentary of the border patrol's abuse of people crossing the border. Also arriving to this reading is my only real issue with the book.

    Muerte Por Mil Cortes

    Felix is a bit of a wimp and emotionally abused by his girlfriend while Marta is a bit borderline Frankly, she's that word my mother said I should never call women and it is hard to understand what Felix sees in her despite a bit of back story existing to explain her actions. She also makes really stupid choices which are the equivalent of going into a haunted house and splitting up. Yet I liked Felix and it is to the author's credit that he manages to elicit enough understanding for both protagonists to allow the reader to care for them.

    On the other hand, caring for any one character in a mega-gore fest like this can be a slippery bowl of menudo. Yet this book is mainly about action and horror. It works mostly because the author created a very scary and very menacing set of villains. From the wrestler to the matriarch to a very weird and disgusting kid, these are the type of characters that both revolt and fascinate. There's some nice build-up as Felix meets a few of them early on but it really takes off when we get to see the monsters up close and personal.

    The novel is an excellent example of horror and pulp fiction taken to its highest, if still visceral, levels. There is one other thing that impress me even if it was a bit understated. Early one, McKenzie sets up the environment of the border town and that of the plight of undocumented entries into the US. This issue is nicely handled by the author and shows a certain level of concern and caring that is especially placed in focus by our normally selfish Marta. There's a reason for this and it adds another dimension to this novel.

    I understand that Shane McKenzie will be writing at least one sequel and I am hoping he adds on to this aspect of this story. Now for the inevitable warning: Those who regularly read my reviews know that not only do I have eclectic tastes but I also tend to lean toward the extreme often. These is one of those extremes to the max.

    Muerte Con Carne Muerte Con Carne
    Muerte Con Carne Muerte Con Carne
    Muerte Con Carne Muerte Con Carne
    Muerte Con Carne Muerte Con Carne
    Muerte Con Carne Muerte Con Carne
    Muerte Con Carne Muerte Con Carne

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