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My intention was to make a regular size cake donut versus the minis we had made at outdoor events.


No matter how hard I tried, adjusting the machine, changing our batter, back to adjusting the machine, back to adjusting the batter…….. So, we figured we must be destined to make this tennis ball sized donut.

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  • Meatless made delicious.

Really, what was I suppose to do? I had it all figured out….. Probably want to fly me down on the company jet!

However when I rolled out this idea to Marci and the five kids, It was met with a unanimous groan. Shortly after that crushing loss we had planned a family trip to Kennywood Amusement Park.

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And over on the blog I write about our own experiences and experiments when it comes to raising our world-ready kids. These were the answers I found to the issues facing my kids and many like them. My kids have been instrumental in helping make the content just right and have been my inspiration all along.

So from my family to yours I hope this journal gives your children the foundations for a happy and balanced life. Skip to content Shipping globally from the UK.

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Crop yields remained low in the commercial agriculture setting as soil science was still not being taught broadly. This opened a door for the chemical companies that would turn their attention to those dust-bowl damaged soils; redirecting the revved up petroleum industry that had met the demands of the global mechanized war machine, to create the petroleum based chemical fertilizers — the most infamous being NPK — the nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium delivery system that reduced the thousands of mineral and soil nutrients present in healthy soil to just three that would produce green, fast growing plants without the need for good soil care practices.

The result was the Green Revolution, rather than scaling farms to good soil and plant health, farms suddenly scaled to massive proportions, that would continue to expand to the mega-farms of today in which a few people are employed to manage thousands of acres of monocrop fueled by an ever-increasing amount of chemical life-support. Over the last 40 years these trends in farming practices has produced, for the first time in history, a nutrient-deprived, calorie rich food system that has been scaled to feed the majority of the developed world.


A story for every child. A reflection of every community.

Predictably, as the health of the soils and the plants that grow in them has diminished, chronic disease has gone epidemic. We have never imagined, let alone witnessed this level of chronic disease. Life expectancy is 20 years shorter in our areas of high agricultural activity within our country. Rather than addressing the root cause of this collapse of health in our soils, plants, food chain, and humanity at large, we have again deferred to our chemical companies for convenient solutions.

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    Our Story Our Story
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