Poetry Is A Way of Life

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Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did you want? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth. The Pin. Want more poems about life? Listen Shop Insiders. Who started the conflict? Suddenly, the angels stilled themselves like a stalled pendulum, and they shed their compassion to the rising smoke of souls who bore the watermark of war. They turned to me with those eyes from God's library, and all the pieces fallen were raised in unison, intertwined like the breath of flames in a holy furnace.

Nothing in war comes to destruction, but the illusion of separateness. I heard this spoken so clearly I could only write it down like a forged signature. I remember the compassion, mountainous, proportioned for the universe. I think a tiny fleck still sticks to me, like gossamer threads from a spider's web.

And now, when I think of war, I flick these threads to all the universe, hoping they stick on others as they did me. Knitting angels and animals to the filamental grace of compassion. The reticulum of our skyward home. For more heart-opening, inspirational poems about life by the WingMakers, click here. For the intriguing website of the enigmatic WingMakers as it originally appeared, click here. And for a treasure trove of other inspirational stories, videos, news articles, and life resources, click here.

Inspiring Poem 7. There is a spiral dance between the subtle and the manifest, between spirit and matter.

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Spirit infuses matter, ever enhancing its life and awareness. Matter, in turn, gives form to spirit, ever striving to express and embody the limitless amidst limitation. And it never winds down. Everything is spiraling: a ngels, animals, humans, insects by the millions, heaven, earth, water, fire, even the wheeling of the sun and moon. On it goes for ages, back and forth, round and round, patiently, playfully, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes frightening, and the secret one slowly growing a body.

Kabir saw this for fifteen seconds, and it made of him a servant for life. Inspirational Poem About Life 8.

Quarter Life Poetry on Surviving the Office - Circle Back (Official Music Video)

Embracing All Author Unknown. Light that lies deep inside of me Come forth in all thy majesty Show me thy gaze Teach me thy ways That I a better person may be. Darkness that lies deep inside of me Come forth in all thy mystery Show me thy gaze Teach me thy ways That I a better person may be. Love that lies deep inside of me Come forth in all thy unity Let me be thy gaze Let me teach thy ways That I a better person may be.

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Please Donate. For more inspiration: See our awesome collection of a variety of inspiring resources available here. For some of the most inspiring short video clips on the Internet, click here. Every life, has so much potential, Feed it with love, that is essential. Sometimes there are things, we don't approve, We're in control, we may change and improve.

Life is here, for us to explore, Feed it with energy, and you shall get more. For me it includes: spending time with family and friends, reading interesting books, being active and playing basketball and soccer in my neighbourhood, going to the park with my wife and spending some quality time. Have you noticed that none of the listed activities above require buckets full of money. This proves that we don't need to work 80 hours each week, to have enough money to be happy.

I find that keeping up with the Joneses is completely ridiculous. It's a race that only makes people unhappy. Our leaders, want us to work more, so that we make more money, and grow the economy. Why don't they talk about growing as individuals and as communities? What kind of life are we living if we are overworked and overstressed?

Here's a few verses that talk about happiness. They are meant to help put things into perspective, and make us realize that attaining happiness in life is often quite simple. Here's a poem that talks about life and death. More specifically, it looks at the time from when we are born and ends by looking at death. So you could say it's like a timeline of life. Life begins with something so small, Innocent baby, could barely crawl.

Beautiful toddler, grows into a child, Those teenage years, are often quite wild. During adulthood, we all try to find, Unique experiences, rewire each mind. For several decades, we become so busy, This is life, sometimes it's dizzy.

Years go by, we continue to age, We approach, our final page. The meaning of life we understand. Death converts, our body to sand. I wasn't overly excited about writing the following sad poem.

Walt Whitman: Poems

However, I knew I had to do it because life is sometimes sad, and this poem is meant to remind us of these times, so that we will appreciate the good times even more. Life may bring sorrow and grief, Sometimes it's just unfairly brief. Daily struggles, and even pain, Body, mind, constant drain. Dealing with an angry boss, What about untimely loss.


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Nobody deserves, to live in fear, It has been a sad filled year! Simple words, often hurt, All this sadness, could we invert? This has been the steepest slope, Nothing left, only hope. Just like the last line states, I truly believe that maintaining hope during times of hardship is absolutely critical.

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It is the one thing that will always help us conquer and defeat our sorrows and hardships. Are you thinking, why did I write a poem about struggles in life? Aren't there enough already, that we don't need to be reminded?

25 Poems About Life And Resilience, When Life Is Just Too Hard

Well, this poem looks at not just the struggles themselves, but how these obstacles could help us as human beings. Struggles in life may include many, Losing everything, not having a penny. Sometimes our hearts, feel empty and alone, Anxiety takes over, depression prone. We learn to deal with our emotional scars, Forgive others, and reach for the stars. What about anger and frustration? Adversity helps us, deal with temptation. Sometimes in life, we struggle and suffer, Those experiences, make us much tougher.

Struggles teach us, more than words could say, They help make us, the individuals, we are today. I've noticed, it's pretty much a hit or miss. Hope you like it:. Life should never be to serious, Choose exciting and mysterious. We don't choose how we look, From our parents, those genes we took. Life is one hilarious joke, When you're eating, try not to choke.

But if you do, you'll make a mess, Try to smile for the press. We're not making fun of death, Brush your teeth, you have bad breath.

Poetry Is A Way of Life Poetry Is A Way of Life
Poetry Is A Way of Life Poetry Is A Way of Life
Poetry Is A Way of Life Poetry Is A Way of Life
Poetry Is A Way of Life Poetry Is A Way of Life
Poetry Is A Way of Life Poetry Is A Way of Life

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