Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War

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The section of road is S shaped like most ambush sites, rocks were placed overlooking the road where firing positions would have been and native trees and bushes were planted. Over the last twenty years mother nature has done the rest, with the trees and bushes maturing to make the our ambush site very authentic looking. It was great to see the cast and crew of Brigade use the ambush site for the purpose it was developed. For those interested in History and in particular the Irish War Of Independence and Civil War there is a lot going on over the next few months.

In the programme twelve young men are filmed living as Recently a meeting was held at the Michael Collins Centre Castleview near Clonakilty to establish a new visitor-driving route. A large crowd representing Historical Societies, Museums, the accommodation sector and the arts from all over West Cork attended the meeting. A wreath laying ceremony took place there to mark rd anniversary of the Easter Rebellion and the famous march.

On tomorrow evening Tuesday April 23rd at 8pm, a wreath laying ceremony will take place at the monument to mark the rd Anniversary of the March and the Easter Rebellion. I am now in the second half of my fifties and I can just about remember elderly ladies going into Mass wearing the famous West Cork Hooded Cloaks.

The Talbot Street Shoot-Out | From Dublin to South Russia & Return Journey

The origin of the cloak goes back into the mists of time, maybe as far back as the Bronze Age. In Ireland, at various times down through the centuries, hooded cloaks were associated with highwaymen and rebels. Today the 16th of April marks the ninety-eight anniversary of the burning of Michael Collins family homestead at Woodfield, by the Essex Regiment during the War Of Independence.

On that morning the soldiers brought along some of the Collins neighbours with some prisoners and at bayonet point forced them to pike straw into the buildings.

Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War

The neighbours were then ordered to pour petrol from tins on to the straw and finally they were handed boxes of matches to light the fi The day of the fire Johnny Collins was arrested, imprisoned and was not released until after the Treaty was signed in December of He felt a tremendous sense of guilt, because he fully realised the hardship that his family was going through in West Cork. One very memorable day from the twenty-two years we have been running Michael Collins Tours remains fresh in my mind. We brought a coach group out from Clonakilty to Woodfield and on board were two nieces of Michael Collins, Joan and Nancy.

Fascinating Documentary about the Irish War of Independence

Joan Collins Mrs Bunworth was born at Woodfield and as a five year old had witnessed the burning. The thirty other visitors off the coach were stunned as she recounted the events of April 16th One story from her account will always remain with me, her memory of seeing an Essex Soldier before the house was set on fire, levering the Grandfathers clock in the kitchen out from the wall with his rifle. When the clock fell on the floor, he smashed it to bits with the butt of the gun.

I rushed to take a hen, that was hatching chickens, to safety, and in my flight I met an officer who helped me.

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I said to him, were they going to burn the bull? So he assured me not. He said he felt a monster because it was dreadful to have to do this because he had a family of children in England the very same age as we were; and he just could not picture how dreadful it would be if anybody went in and burned their home. I could always see the flames shooting out through those windows. With Tadhg off on a break from college the two of us decided to go on a road trip to the UK last weekend. One of the places we visited was the beautiful village of Widford in the County of Hertfordshire just north of London.

I have been involved in many historic projects over the last thirty-five years and I have had the good fortune to be present on many special occasions. But the experience of Monday and Tuesday of this week will rank well up there on the list. As a historian I have often asked myself the question, if I was offered a seat in a time machine, would I take it? The Cast and Crew of the new docume The documentary makers have filmed at some of the historic sites of the period, they have also interviewed relatives of the men of the Third Cork Brigade and Historians.

What is novel about this project however, is that twelve young men were picked out to live for a few days, as the IRA men in a Flying Column would have lived. The Volunteers were given basic military training and filmed sleeping in hay barns, stalls and eating the type of food consumed one hundred years ago. At the Michael Collins Centre two ambushes of the War Of Independence were re-enacted and filmed in our outdoor exhibits. To walk around and rub shoulders with lads dressed as IRA men and British Soldiers, who were holding original weapons and other equipment of one hundred years ago, was like a dream.

It was amazing to stand near one-century-old Military vehicles, with a volley of rifle fire going off and smoke covering the scene. Interviews and other filming was also carried out in the Museum, with the big open fireplace being used as a backdrop. It was an education to see the skills of the crew being used and their fantastic array of equipment. I am really looking forward to seeing The Brigade, which will hopefully be broadcast on RTE in the autumn.

One was a military success for the IRA, the other was a disaster. On the evening of Friday February 11th a party of five soldiers of the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers under the command of Lieut. Another ten soldiers of the same regiment joined them at Mallow station. Eight soldiers sat in th Lompat ke. Bagian dari halaman ini. Bantuan Aksesibilitas. Hapus Untuk membantu mempersonalisasi konten, menautkan dan mengukur iklan, serta menyediakan pengalaman yang lebih aman, kami menggunakan cookie.

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Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War
Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War
Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War
Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War
Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War
Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War
Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War
Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War Sean Treacy and the Irish Tan War

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