Steel Structures: Design using FEM

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We calculate and project steel shells, such as multi-chamber tanks, silos, metal air duct and complicated surface models for reinforced concrete structural engineers. We have developed generators of special load cases. Our Company participated in the development of a unique simulator Skydive Arena in Prague. We provide design calculations for various types of air ducts, supporting systems, spatial visualization and animation for many other simulators in Europe.

Useful Program Features

We create custom applications for structural analysis and for production documentation aiding. It enables intelligent model-based workflows for Engineers and construction professionals. Advance Design acts as a BIM platform and guarantees the continuity of geometric and analytical data through model transfers all along the design cycle.

For instance, they can be used to start a rebar design or a steel connection process directly from Revit. With all our software solutions we offer a Graitec Advantage Maintenance Contract. This maintenance contract is the solution to perpetuate your investment with the following benefits:. Advance Design provides an outstanding BIM experience and enables intelligent workflows for Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals. Connected structural workflows are no longer science fiction but a stark reality that is delivering newfound accuracy and performance.

Discover how! Learn more. Import, export, synchronisation of models and results package storage are available. Empower Advance Design with steel and concrete design modules and get automatically detailed design reports, design intent and drawings. Advance Design comes with effective tools to solve geometrical issues such as merging nodes, extending linear elements, checking vertical alignment, etc. Advance Design is probably one of the easiest to learn and use structural package. Modelling is intuitive thanks to a complete library of structural elements, advanced wizards and automatic loads generators climatic loads, seismic loads, traffic loads….

These easily customisable elements and wizards adapt to any situation: numerical eccentricities, braces, ties with initial pre-stressing, complex loading systems…. Views can be saved dynamically during the modelling phase. This allows you to come back at any time on any stage of your design, showing the saved filtered elements, colours, zoom level, displayed tags, etc. Advance Design helps to easily manage multi-storey buildings. Structural members are created in the right floor in a few clicks, floor height is changed easily, storeys are duplicated or moved in a few clicks, etc.

Save and load property templates of Advance Design objects to speed up your structural FEM modelling and customize the software. Advance Design embeds a strong 3D climatic load generator allowing users to quickly create wind and snow loads according to Eurocodes, Canadian and American codes. Generate the seismic spectrum and loads according to local standards Several seismic codes implemented. The moving loads generator allows users to rapidly create traffic loads on bridges and buildings in order to simulate traffic movement effects.

Issue in stability analysis of steel structures with FEA

Advance Design features a powerful mesh and multicore FEM analysis engine, automated post-processing tools and detailed smart reports, automatically updated after every iteration. Achieve a new level of computer aided engineering with Advance Design! Meshing is an essential step for a FEA. Advance Design embeds a Delaunay mesh engine able to mesh huge 3D models within a few seconds.

Handle all your FEM analysis with Advance Design: static, dynamic, non-linear analyses, large displacements, generalised buckling, step calculation, etc. The capacity design method is critical when designing concrete frames in a seismic area. Handle this advanced calculation within a few clicks in Advance Design. Several graphical post-processing methods are available: directly on the model; along a cut placed anywhere in the model; stresses diagrams. Post-processing on planar elements is made easy as it can be done on a grid independent from the mesh size.

Fully customisable design reports: styles, tables and graphical images, cover sheet, user input text, linked documents, etc You can define postprocessing templates allowing users to automate the creation of reports containing right away predefined tables and real-time graphical views with results.

[PDF] Steel Structures: Design using FEM - Semantic Scholar

Model the realistic behaviour interaction between components and obtain solutions to your geometric nonlinear problems. Advance Design performs a global reinforced concrete design that computes theoretical and real reinforcement, crack design, interpolated cracked inertia, deflections checks, etc. All these results are available for all elements in detailed reports.

BIM designers integrated to Advance Design provides details drawings required for the construction site. To better control all assumptions and avoid mistakes, design templates allow to group elements by design properties: concrete quality, cracking hypotheses, concrete cover, etc.

Advance Design computes the required reinforcement and propose the best possible reinforcement solution bars, spacing, etc.


The reinforcement of slabs can be entered by the user fabrics or bars or can be calculated precisely with the following checks : Cracked and non-cracked inertias, Cracking verification, Reinforced concrete deflection calculation, Punching verification. Advance Design performs a complete crack width check, which is mandatory in several codes, depending on the real reinforcement quantities on linear and planar elements.

Complex design checks can be performed on slabs such as punching verification, for punctual supports and punctual loads. When linked to Advance BIM Designer, you get an automatic design intent and reinforcement drawing for beams, columns and footings. Advance Design performs an advanced analysis and optimisation of steel elements and connections according to the selected standards. Design templates, shape and deflection optimisation through automated calculation cycles, a wizard for steel structures and a detailed global report including all design checks and graphical results makes Advance Design a high-end solution to design steel structures.

A valuable application that incorporates an extensive range of structure definitions and tools allowing users to model projects in minutes.. Steel verifications including automatic buckling and lateral-torsional buckling length computation, classification of cross sections, deflections, cross section resistance, stability of members and the optimisation of steel shapes. The shape optimisation calculation for steel elements can be performed considering the condition of maximum deflection. Timber is getting more and more traction in the construction space and timber design has become more complex with the application of the Eurocode 5.

Advance Design performs a complete analysis and optimisation of timber elements.

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The verification - a complex, but fast process, even if the structure has a high degree of complexity - offers a competent diagnosis of your model. Advance Design is a BIM FEA solution dedicated to structural analysis and design according to the latest versions of international standards such as Eurocodes EC5 with their national appendixes. To better control all assumptions and avoid mistakes, you can define design templates that can be applied on a selection of elements.

Design templates can be saved and used in different projects. Advance Design also performs the fire verification of timber elements. You can easily define the fire exposure period and the faces exposed to fire. Advance Design performs the timber verification and provides access to results for safety coefficients, deflections, buckling, cross section strength and element stability. The optimisation process offers solutions to find the best section for elements of the structure according to the loads.

The shape sheets command allows users to view at one glance all the available results for a timber element: cross section properties, deflections, strength, stability and fire resistance, in one dialog box. The software helps you design common structural details without the need for extensive analyses, saving time and allowing you to focus on core jobs.

Rolf Kindmann, Matthias Kraus Steel Structures Design using FEM

Sign up to receive our newsletter. If interested, read our Privacy Policy first. Prevent shear locking Beam elements as stiffeners Make desent connections Avoid irrelevant elements Influence effective width Eigenvalue Buckling. Customer area Sign in Username is required Password is required Forgot your password? None Mr. FEM validation steel constructions Optimized structural analysis that reduces project costs For structural engineers performing a structural analysis of a design is a time-consuming business.

Steel Structures: Design using FEM Steel Structures: Design using FEM
Steel Structures: Design using FEM Steel Structures: Design using FEM
Steel Structures: Design using FEM Steel Structures: Design using FEM
Steel Structures: Design using FEM Steel Structures: Design using FEM
Steel Structures: Design using FEM Steel Structures: Design using FEM

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