The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women

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This begs the question, what are the footballing authorities, clubs, players and fans doing to combat discrimination in football? Few things are more ubiquitous in sports than informing an official—sometimes politely but, more often than not, rather impolitely—that they made an incorrect call.

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Officials no doubt anticipate this hostility and tune it out while on the field. What they likely do not anticipate, however, is being haled into a deposition months after the game ended to be questioned under oath about a call made on the field. At stake, a trip to the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, to face the New England Patriots.

With just under two minutes remaining in the game, and with the teams tied at 20 points apiece, the quarterback for the Saints threw a perfect spiral to an open receiver practically waltzing into the end zone. The home crowd roared in anger; had the call been made, the Saints would have likely scored a touchdown on the play, or at the very least been well situated to do so.

Instead, the Saints settled for a field goal. The Rams then took possession, quickly marched down the field, and kicked a field goal to tie the game. The Rams went on to win the game in overtime.

Saints fans were furious. In the wake of the loss, a few of the more opportunistic fans filed several lawsuits based on the no-call, including a class action against the NFL, its commissioner Roger Goodell, and the officials themselves. Three such lawsuits ended up in federal court—one was originally filed there, and the NFL successfully removed two others from state court.

Each federal case was quickly dismissed by the courts. This lawsuit, filed by four Saints fans, alleges fraud by NFL officials and personnel. While the NFL can appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court, the decision was nonetheless a win for the plaintiffs, who just last week were permitted to conduct discovery in the case.

Wasting no time, the plaintiffs have served the NFL with requests for documents and information. In addition, the trial court has permitted the plaintiffs to depose Mr. Goodell and three of the officials from the NFC Championship game, with depositions tentatively scheduled to begin in September. At the heart of these depositions will be the decision not to call pass interference, and whether those officials were disciplined for missing the call. Assuming the NFL does not mount a successful appeal, the precedent has been set where NFL personnel, including officials, can be forced to give sworn testimony regarding decisions made on the field.

As recently mentioned on Sports Shorts, the spotlight on the gender pay gap has been amplified following the fourth World Cup win by the U. On Friday, March 8, i. First, the WNT contends that they spend more time practicing for and playing in matches, training sessions, and traveling than similarly situated MNT players, yet are paid significantly less than the MNT players.

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KPBS Thur. Noon TMC Mon. A graphic novelist begins a desperate search for his estranged wife and son after a mysterious cellphone signal transforms New Englanders into savage killers. Syfy Thur. A lethal CIA agent and his former classmate encounter shootouts, espionage and double-crosses while trying to save the U. TBS Mon. TNT Fri.

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An attorney and a recovering alcoholic have a car accident which escalates into an ongoing feud. British Lancers vow revenge after villainous Surat Khan slaughters every man, woman and child at their outpost. Claus in a store. When Nick, the new store Santa Claus shows up, she experiences a little holiday magic of her own. In s Paris, a young man retreats into a fantasy world after he is forced to end his relationship with the older woman who taught him about love.

A s gumshoe named Jake sticks his nose into a sordid mess over Los Angeles land and water. Comedy Central Fri. The mayor opposes a single mother who is opening a chocolate shop in his s French village across from a church during Lent. An angel delivers good fortune and the possibility of holiday romance to a struggling single mother who takes a job as a department store Santa Claus. Hallmark Wed. A working Chicago mom brings her kids with her on a business trip to Memphis so they can all visit Graceland during the week before Christmas.

But she is thrown for a loop when she bumps into an old flame from her days as a singer in college. Hallmark Fri.

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Kelly returns to Grand Valley for Christmas. When Leo, a single dad, arrives in town with his kids to review a hotel, the two cross paths. As Kelly re-experiences traditions with Leo, she begins to find her way back to her passion for art. NR 2 hrs. Sophie Bennett, the owner of the Holly Lodge, tries to convince a developer that the lodge is actually a bad investment.

A rich man falls back in love with Christmas and a party planner. Hallmark Sun. Katie, a former professional ice skater, is hired by the king of San Senova, Alexander, to help his daughter in a Christmas ice skating performance. As Katie spends time in the castle, she and Alex begin to develop feelings for each other. Samantha, a freelance photographer, is returning to Cape Cod for the first time since the death of her mother years earlier.

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Having never been to the Cape during winter, she finds that it is a whole new experience than her many summers spent there. Home on leave, a soldier visits a small town and falls for the woman who wrote a well-wishing card to the troops. Sydney is tasked with looking after Leah, an unaccompanied minor. After Leah is safely delivered, Sydney finds a package Leah left behind and decides to deliver it.

When she misses her connection, she is invited to spend the holidays with them. Hallmark Mon. A workaholic mother hires a popular consultant to get her family through the holidays all in one piece.

The Perfect Match: Your First Eleven for Attracting Women - New Book Hingorani,

A newly single woman dreads the thought of going back to her hometown for Christmas when she discovers her ex-boyfriend will be there with his new girlfriend. A corporate agent is sent to a small town to buy a cookie company and shut down its factory. As maid of honor for her best friend Ava, cynical interior designer Lacey is tasked with decorating a honeymoon cottage for the newlyweds. A doctor returns home for Christmas to find that her father has decided to retire from his own practice.

Two travelers become linked when a snowstorm grounds their flight in Buffalo. A romance expert conceals her recent breakup and asks a morning show producer to pretend they are a couple before she is exposed as a fraud. When he agrees, she never expects to find herself falling for him.

A soft-spoken woman is used to living in the shadow of her pop star boyfriend, but when he breaks up with her right before the holiday season, she returns to her hometown to discover the heart and music that her big city life has been missing. A military widow whose faith in Christmas has lapsed rents an apartment to a soldier who is recovering from an injury in battle. Guardian angel Gabby is sent to the town of Angel Falls to restore its Christmas spirit. As she helps the townspeople to revive their traditions, Gabby meets a volunteer fire chief who teaches her the truth about the love she admires from afar.

Hoping to spur her longtime beau to action, a small-town veterinarian wishes upon a snow globe that this will be her most romantic Christmas ever. Noon Hallmark Thur. An actress heads to the Christmas-obsessed town of Homestead, Iowa, to shoot a holiday-themed movie. She is shocked when a romance blooms with Matt, a single dad.

As she gets a taste of small-town life, she discovers the true meaning of Christmas. While vacationing in the Caribbean, bonds form among a man and his two children and a woman and her two children. Christmas in the City Ashley Williams, Ashanti.

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  6. To help her daughter during the holidays, a woman tries to bring the Christmas spirit back to her department store. Isobel makes a carefully composed bucket list of classic holiday traditions to celebrate with her boyfriend. But when he goes AWOL, the list proves challenging and a tempting new romance turns her life upside down. But in an unfortunate turn of events, Whitney mistakenly throws out a box of precious family ornaments. Noon Lifetime Mon. When an architect finds himself hosting his family for Christmas, he turns to a holiday coordinator for help.

    Her expert Christmas spirit brings his family together, but neither expected it to bring them closer to each other. A single mother moves back to her hometown with her young daughter. Having a hard time adjusting, the daughter seeks help from her music teacher to write a song for the Christmas variety show. Eric Randall, an author of bachelor lifestyle books, is left in charge of his young niece and nephew for the holidays.

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    Unsure of himself, Eric turns to his neighbor April, a lover of all things Christmas, for help. A materialistic storekeeper learns the true meaning of Christmas after her employee starts a holiday competition. After their parents pass, siblings agree to sell their family home, leaving Emma in charge. Kathy plans to avoid any holiday traditions that bring back memories of her late husband until she receives an ornament from a handsome shop owner.

    The Perfect Match Summary

    To move on from her loss, Kathy works for a balance between her memories and finding a future. As childhood friends and neighbors, Sadie and Ben planted a scrawny Christmas tree and promised to always keep the spirit of Christmas alive in their hearts. Following an unexpected breakup weeks before Christmas, a tech wiz heads back to her hometown for the holidays.

    The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women
    The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women
    The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women
    The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women
    The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women
    The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women
    The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women The Perfect Match - Your First Eleven for Attracting Women

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