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He could not have survived otherwise. Nowadays, the state provides all these things.

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It provides external protection by means of the military, and internal protection by means of the police. It also provides a security umbrella in terms of food and clothing and shelter in times of need. Most important, it satisfies that deep human need to belong to a group. The modern state has replaced the ancient tribe.

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According to Shtrasler, any artificially-imposed binational state would quickly plunge into violence, as Jews and Palestinian Arabs would identify with their own communities rather than the state, and each community would seek to dominate the other: "From the moment it comes into being, the one state will suffer from endless civil war that entails killings, bombings and terror in the streets. It will be a ruthless war from hell. It will be waged over every government position, every public position, every legislator and minister, every budget allocation and tax assessment.

It will be an unsustainable state, from which citizens will flee in fear and horror. Left-wing Israeli journalist Amos Elon argued that while Israel's settlement policy was pushing things in the direction of a one-state solution, should it ever come to pass, "the end result is more likely to resemble Zimbabwe than post-apartheid South Africa". Echoing these sentiments, Palestinian-American journalist Ray Hanania wrote that the idea of a single state where Jews, Muslims, and Christians can live side by side is "fundamentally flawed. On the aftermath of any hypothetical implementation of a one-state solution, Gershom Gorenberg wrote: "Palestinians will demand the return of property lost in and perhaps the rebuilding of destroyed villages.

Except for the drawing of borders, virtually every question that bedevils Israeli—Palestinian peace negotiations will become a domestic problem setting the new political entity aflame Two nationalities who have desperately sought a political frame for cultural and social independence would wrestle over control of language, art, street names, and schools.

But the engine of the Israeli economy is high-tech, an entirely portable industry.

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Both individuals and companies will leave. In a opinion piece, Tony Klug wrote that the only plausible alternative to a two-state solution was endless strife, and that the vision of a single, secular democratic state "rests on the simplistic notion that complex Middle Eastern societies can be atomized down to the level of the individual and that a historical clash of two national movements can be reduced to a one-dimensional struggle for civil rights.

It discounts the rudimentary need for both peoples to come to terms with the national imperative of the other. Indeed, it is predicated on there being no such national imperative. Klug also wrote that if a one-state solution was imposed, it would be unlikely to end the conflict, noting the national struggles of people such as the Scots, Basques, and Catalans who agitated for independence despite living in secular and democratic states.

A multi-option poll by Near East Consulting NEC in November found the bi-national state to be less popular than either "two states for two people" or "a Palestinian state on all historic Palestine" with only Polls show that if the two-state solution were taken off the table, a strong majority of Americans would favor a one-state solution in which Jews and Arabs would have equal citizenship and rights.

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Most Americans also view democracy as more important than Israel's Jewishness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Primary concerns. Final borders Israeli settlements Jewish state. Zionist political violence. Secondary concerns. International brokers. Arab League Egypt Jordan. United Kingdom France. One-state solution : Isratin Elon Peace Plan. Hafrada Disengagement Realignment. Main article: Israeli—Palestinian conflict. In favour. Main article: Proposed Israeli annexation of the West Bank. The New York Times. Retrieved 22 January Washington Post. Retrieved 7 February One State Threat.

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    Namespaces Article Talk. The portable conductivity meter is very suitable for controlling the conductivity in the water. Offering extraordinary precision at an affordable price, the Multifunction Conductivity Meter is used for laboratory and in situ testing of the pH value, redox, conductivity, salt content, oxygen level and temperature of water.

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    The portable multifunction conductivity meter is used to control the water parameters pH, redox, conductivity, salinity, oxygen and is also very suitable for temperature measurement. Storage, electrolyte, conductance and calibration solutions are included in this comprehensive kit. Storage solution - incl. Electrolyte solution - incl. Conductance solution - incl. Carrying case. This non-destructive testing NDT device uses eddy current to determine the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper.

    Includes 3 standards for testing.

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    The electrical conductivity, measured by a digital conductivity meter, of metallic materials describes how easily an electric current can flow through the material. A material with high conductivity is copper. Therefore, copper is also used in power lines. Copper also has an advantage that it does not change much in its properties. So, it is approximately like silver, which is the best electrical conductor, but also has got a disadvantage due to the softness of the material itself and in addition it is very expensive.

    For thin wires silver is also not suitable. Only for very special applications silver is used as a thin coating. An important application field for a digital conductivity meter is the qualification of material. A conductivity meter is used to classify the type of the metal.

    The Portable 2,000 Percent Solution
    The Portable 2,000 Percent Solution
    The Portable 2,000 Percent Solution
    The Portable 2,000 Percent Solution
    The Portable 2,000 Percent Solution

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